CW2~ My Psalm of Song

First Creative Writing assignment to hit the press!  😀  This assignment was to write an acrostic psalm based on a theme in the Bible using various synonyms (underlined)  for our chosen topic.  I decided to write about the colorful thread of song woven from Scripture into eternity.  

And I apologize for the awkward formatting on some of the lines.  Tab and WordPress don’t mix well, it would seem… 😦

 Praise Forevermore

Refrain after refrain, age after age,

_we pour out our praise to You!

After You delivered Israel from Egypt through the Red Sea,

_Moses and Miriam glorified You in song.

Considering your mighty salvation from Sisera’s forces,

_Deborah and Barak sang an anthem of praise.

How often did David, as shepherd, warrior, outlaw, and king, let soul flow through tongue and pen in verse to You!

Expressing Your goodness and declaring Your wisdom,

_Asaph, Ethan, and Korah’s sons exalted You with their psalms.

Learning that Your promise of salvation was finally to be accomplished,

_Mary’s soul magnified the Lord in melody.

Knowing through Your Spirit a hint of the salvation in store,

_Zechariah’s unsilenced tongue rose in canticle to You.

In the skies above Bethlehem, announcing Messiah’s coming,

_angels innumerable with magnificent chorale glorified You in the Highest.

Millennia since, from the time Christ has risen,

_saints and poets from age to age have continued in hymns this legacy of worship.

Zion made new, with its twelve pearled gates, is the finale of this symphony of adoration through the ages.

Everyone united – seraphim, creatures, and all these saints – lifting their voices in an eternal chorus of, “He shall reign for ever and ever!”

Your Voice, O Lord, began this world;

_let ours continue in airs of praise with every breath!



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