CW3- Metaphors

So, the journal was a reflection on Jesus’ metaphors in Matthew 5.  Fittingly, our CW assignment was to come up with some metaphors of our own and expound on them.  After much brainstorming, I ended up with the following.  Hope you enjoy!


You are the diamonds of the world. You start out as ugly, filthy, shapeless lumps of black coal. You are the remains of dead things, good for nothing but to keep the lake of fire going. But by God’s indescribable and glorious grace, you are rescued from this body of death. In an ongoing process, through much time, pressure, and intense heat, the One True Transformer changes the blackness of your hearts into a pure, priceless crystal. You are living testimony to the Redeemer’s handiwork.


You are the lighthouses of the world. You began as a jumble of rocks, wood, metal, and other parts organized (or unorganized) in an arrangement that served only you. But God in His infinite wisdom had a different plan to use you for His kingdom. He took you apart, cut down and sawed up your tree, quarried and smoothed your stones, dug up and smelted your ore, and began a process of making a new creation. He reworked (and is still reworking) you into something you never would have envisioned, setting you up as a beacon to point the way to safety with the radiant spark of His Holy Spirit glowing within you. But if you quench the divine flame of the Spirit, you will bring no one to salvation, only leave them to destruction and shipwreck. You must direct onlookers to His dominion that men may sing His praises.


You are the termites on this earth. Gradually, but definitely, you undermine the already hollow philosophies of the world. No one of you does all the work. There is no special termite who does the job while the rest of you sit back and look interested. Each of you moves forward according to the basic principles he knows — eat wood and do not stop. It is not a sudden crash, but with each doing his part, it happens: the building crumbles. This is how you demolish strongholds and every pretension that sets itself against Christ. This is how you spread His kingdom on earth.

P.S. I figured out Tuesday just as I was about to post this that diamonds probably do not actually come from coal. L However, since I am short on time and this is for a creative writing class, not a geology class, I have not bothered to fix it. Just don’t cite me in your papers…


6 thoughts on “CW3- Metaphors

    1. Haha. 🙂 I was running out of ideas. I didn’t really like the fact that termites have such a negative connotation, but I figured they had a better image than viruses as my brother suggested (and I felt like I had to come up w/ something on my own)…


  1. Termites, lighthouses and diamonds. I’m gonna be cliché and say I like the lighthouse. XD All of them are great however. The diagram of the lighthouse is also very neat. 🙂 Great job!

    ~Michael Hollingworth (A creative writer who is now avidly following your blog) 😀
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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