CW5~ De Bestest Bullfrog

     This is my own take on a Brer Rabbit story for our Creative Writing assignment using colloquialism.  I had thought I had the jargon basically down, but then to be sure, I checked our 1955 The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus (the fat red book in the picture) and found that mine was far too simple!  I still did not make it quite as extreme as the stuff in the book, but I did make it more hard core.  On this note, in case you didn’t know, ‘bimemby’ is a term used frequently in the book, pronounced ‘by-me-by’, meaning ‘by and by’.  In general, you have to read Uncle Remus stories aloud to figure out what he is saying.  🙂



One fine summah day, Brer Rabbit an’ ‘is pal, Brer Fox, ‘uz sittin’ ‘longside o’ de fishin’ pond, lettin’ deyr lines dangle on down in de water all lazy-like.  Now, de two weren’t always de bestest buddies, but w’en dey weren’t busy conjurin’ up ways ter trick each uther, dey could be quite am’able.

“Dis is de way ter do it,” Brer Rabbit sez ter Brer Fox, sezee.  “Sis Sun grinnin’ down on us, an’ us jus’ lyin’ here doin’ nothin’ in par-tick-yalar.”

Jus’ den, a big ole bullfrog jumped on in de pond wid a splash.

“Did you see dat der big ole frog, Brer Fox?” sez Brer Rabbit.

“Sho’ did, Brer Rabbit,” sez Brer Fox, pullin’ up ‘is line fer ter check ‘is werm.

“Ya know what, Brer Fox,” sez Brer Rabbit, “ya know, I think I could make a pretty good bullfrog, hoppin’ ‘roun’ an’ croakin’ an’ all.”

“Really?” sez Brer Fox, tossin’ ‘is line back in.

“Sho’ do, Brer Fox,” sez Brer Rabbit.  “In fact, I thinks I can do better den anyone I knows.”

Brer Fox, looked over at Brer Rabbit, sittin’ der next ter de water, an’ sez ter hisse’f, “Dat ole cottontail is gettin’ a bit large fer ‘is rascally britches.”  Ter Brer Rabbit, ‘e sez, sezee, “Ya do, do ya?  I’d be willin’ ter bet you dat ole bullfrog der is a better croakin’ bullfrog den you.”

“Now Brer Fox,” ‘low Brer Rabbit, “ya know I’m not dat good!”

“Why don’t you jus’ swim on over an’ see?”  sez Brer Fox, hopin’ Brer Rabbit would get all nice an’ sopped.

“Ha!”  sez Brer Rabbit.  “Ya wanna get me all wet!  You ole rascal!  I ‘uz thinkin’ I ‘uz better den any of de yuther critters in de holler.”

“You’s not better ‘en me,” sez Brer Fox, sezee.

Brer Rabbit chuckled ter hisse’f an’ sez, “Sho’ am, Brer Fox.  Why, I can hop better ‘en you any day!”

“Really?” sez Brer Fox.  “Well, den you jus’ show me!”

“Ise got an idea,” sez Brer Rabbit.  “Why don’t you an’ me fin’ out who’s de bestest?  We’ll hab a contest, an’ de yuther critters can watch us an’ say who’s de bestest.”

“A contest?”  sez Brer Fox, sezee.  “Well, if we’s gwine ter hab us a contest, we’s gwine ter need a lit’l sorta prize fer de winnah.”

“We will, won’t we?”  sez Brer Rabbit, pullin’ up nice ole bass.  “Ise tell you what.  Why don’t we use dese ‘ere fishes we’s been catchin?  You’s got two, and Ise jus’ pulled up numbah t’ree.  Five big ole fishes autter do de trick.”

“Sounds fair ‘nuf ter me,” sez Brer Fox, eyein’ Brer Rabbit’s fine catch.  “Why don’t you an’ I go an’ roun’ up some o’ de neighburs, an’ we’ll meet at de Big Ole Stump fer ter hab our lit’l contest?”

“Sounds good ter me, Brer Fox,” sez Brer Rabbit, sezee.

De two pulled up deyr lines an’ picked up deyr fish.  As Brer Fox ran off inter de brush ter roun’ up ‘is neighburs, Brer Rabbit chuckled ag’in an’ sez, “Well, Brer Fox, you sho’ bit dat werm!”  Den ‘e hopped off back ter ‘is hole fer ter roun’ up ‘is folks.

Bimeby, Brer Fox an’ Brer Rabbit showed up wid deyr fishes an’ deyr neighburs at de Big Ole Stump.

“Ladies an’ gen’lemen,” sez Brer Rabbit, hoppin’ up on de Big Ole Stump.  “We’s gadderd ‘ere today fer ter see who can make de bestest bullfrog, Brer Fox er me.  So what we’s gwine ter do is put on dese ‘ere kerchifs as blin’foles, an’ hop ‘roun’ an’ croak.  What ya’ll’s gwine ter do is decide which one o’ us is de bestest.  An’ de winnah is gwine ter get dese ‘ere five fine fishes.”

“Soun’s fair ‘nuf,” sez Brer Bear, watchin’.

“Alright,” sez Brer Rabbit, hoppin’ off de stump an’ over ter Brer Fox.  “Lemme jus’ put dis ‘here blin’fole on you, an’ den I’ll put on mine, an’ we’ll get gwine wid our contest.”

Dat rascally Brer Rabbit tied a kerchief ‘roun’ Brer Fox, an’ sez, “Brer Bear, would you min’ puttin’ my blin’fole on fer me?  I jus’ think it’ll be fairer dat ways.”  But Brer Rabbit didn’t give it ter Brer Bear.  “Alright, now,” sezee.  “Let’s hab de bullfrog contest begin.”

De other critters were a mite confused, so dey didn’t say nothin’.

Brer Fox, ‘e ‘uz blin’foled, so ‘e couldn’t tell ‘e ‘uz bein’ tricked.  ‘E started hoppin’ up an’ down an’ croakin’ like anything.  “You bet I make a better bullfrog ‘en you, Brer Rabbit!” sezee.

But Brer Rabbit, ‘e grabbed de fishes and started hoppin’ away down de lane, chucklin’ so hard ‘e could scarce jump.  W’en ‘e got back ter ‘is hole, ‘e stopped ter catch ‘is rabbit breath by de door.  “I tole you I ‘uz a better hopper ‘en you, Brer Fox!”  An’ he went on inter ‘is hole and had hisse’f a big ole fish dinnah.


The idea for Brer Rabbit’s trick came from something someone I knew did once, where a few parents were supposed to act like monkeys, but only one was blindfolded.  Don’t try it:  it’s mean.  Oh — an’ don’t ferget ter comment! 🙂

And the picture of the books is mine.  Please don’t steal!  🙂



3 thoughts on “CW5~ De Bestest Bullfrog

  1. lol. The colloquialism is soooo good! 😀 I love it. Brer Rabbit did pull a rascally trick on Brer Fox, but I guess he is after all, a scamp of a rabbit. 😉 Ahh, why is it always the rogues that we fall in love with? Probably ’cause they do stuff we wouldn’t normally dare to do. Just the same, I love how you portrayed the character of Brer Rabbit, and also that little bit when he mentions to himself that Brer Fox the worm combined with their previous activity was great. Good job! 😀

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

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