Redeemed and Rescued

A hymn I wrote in August of 2013, inspired by the Mr. Pipes series by Douglas Bond, the Viking Quest series by L.W. Johnson, and by the 2013 Bible Bee study of 1 John.  The meter (and this is the only hymn I’ve written that I’ve successfully fitted to a meter) is, or Common Meter for those of you who care to know…  🙂

You came to earth and shed Your blood

To ransom me from sin;

My captive soul, You rescuéd

And freed me from within.

Born in to bondage, Adam’s child

I’d no hope on my own;

No other could pay ransom’s price

But You, and You alone.

Pure, sinless blood – this was the fee

Requir’d to set me free.

Great, glorious God, You paid the cost –

Redeemed and rescued me!

Because of Your great love for me,

Despite my worm-like state,

I’m free from sin’s dark slavery –

Your Name alone is great!

Why should I fear?  You’ve ransomed me

And set me free indeed!

You’ve called my name and summoned me.

Praise God!  My soul is freed!


Luther Hymn Book - Preview Image


8 thoughts on “Redeemed and Rescued

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      When I wrote it, I had ‘O God, Our Help in Ages Past’ in my head (probably why the meter ended up turning out right), but I’d kind of like to find another one or come up with one on my own…
      If you think of anything, let me know…


  1. Wow, this is a really great hymn!! I wondered if you had had any particular tune in mind while you were writing it, and then I saw your comment above. =) That’s cool!!
    It’s funny, but as I was reading it, I started to think of a tune that I sang once in my church choir for a Psalm in Common meter. I can’t remember what it was called…I want to track it down now. =P
    Anyway, I really love the deep theology embedded into the meter of the poetry. It was very refreshing to me to read your hymn! Do you plan on writing any more?! =)

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    1. Thank you! =) I know their are LOTS of songs in Common Meter (hence the ‘common’ part). If you can think of the name of the tune, I’d love to hear it! =)
      As to writing more, in theory, I’d love to, but in reality, I’m not very good at writing hymns that fit into meter well. As I mentioned in my blurb, this was written in a rare burst of inspiration, such as I don’t often have… sigh. =|


      1. Haha, well I haven’t quite tried to write a hymn yet (I’m just now starting to experiment with more strict meters), so it was cool to see one that you had done! Meters can be tricky sometimes. :/ Oh, and I was able to track down the tune I was thinking of =) :
        This isn’t from our church, but it was a recording of the tune our choir director gave us to listen to. =)
        I feel like writing a hymn now! Hmm…

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