J8~ Looking Back

This week’s journal is a reflection on the first half of our semester.  In addition to the whole favorites/least favorites/thoughts/feelings thing, I included shoutouts to everyone in my CW class.  I’m so glad I can be part of this CREATIVE group!  🙂

Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen.  He named it Ebenezer [meaning stone of help], saying, “Thus far has the LORD helped us.”

1 Samuel 7:12, NIV 1984

Looking back is always important.  It shows us where we are, where we have come from, and where we are going.  You see where you began, compare it with where you are, and suddenly realize how far you have — or haven’t — come.  Are you still plotting the same course you were when you set out on your journey?  Are you still aiming for the same goal?  This is why Samuel set up the stone for the Israelites.  He was showing them how far the LORD had brought them in delivering them from bondage to the Philistines.


looking back

This week’s journal assignment is about looking back.  What assignments did you like, did you not like, did you find easy, did you find difficult?  Who has helped you, encouraged you, or challenged you along the route?

While my favorite journal assignment was J6, my favorite of my journals, I would have to say, is my J5:  All the World’s a Stage.  Although the assignment was not exactly my favorite, and I had a difficult time coming up with a difficult situation, I was very pleased with how it turned out.  However, I must admit that it was basically just an adaption of an entry in my personal diary of ‘highlights of my spiritual journey’.

In creative writing, however, picking a favorite is much easier.  I definitely loved CW7, rewriting a Bible story in modern times, best – both the assignment and the result.  It brought the Bible story to life, and I appreciated having an existing plot.   Not only do I like my own result, but (of those I have read) I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone else’s creative and original writings!

Least favorites – let’s see.  Of all our assignments, my least favorite might have been the Brer Rabbit story.  In addition to thinking up a story and plotline, we had to use colloquialism, which in this case was akin to thinking in another language – and another grammar!

And now for a few shoutouts to all my amazing classmates who have helped me along the way.  [The below was not on my submitted file, but I wanted to say more than 500 words! :)]

Tabitha  –  Thanks for your encouraging comments!  You are very creative and artistic in your writing!

Valari – Thanks for all your encouraging comments, too!  I love your originality in your writing.  Keep it up!

Kasey – I appreciate all the soul you put into your writing – especially your poems.

Anne – I love your enthusiasm and honesty, and I am sorry your blog has been difficult lately.  😦  I look forward to reading your work!  Virginia is for lovers!  😉

Julie – I love your enthusiasm, creativity, and realistic dialogue.

Jessica – Your writing is very insightful and honest.  I always love reading your writing.

Kayla – You are very creative, and good with visuals!

Kendra – You are original and creative.  I really like the uniqueness of your fable.

Mara – You are very enthusiastic and fun.  Your writing is creative, original, and colorful — just like your blog!

Sarah – I love having you in class! I think you are liking your first experience with TPS!  Your writing style is neat, both encouraging and challenging to me as a writer.

Rachel Elizabeth R. – It is fun sharing names with you!  I really enjoy your creative and clever writing — especially your CW7!

James – You have a good sense of humor and your writing reminds me a little of a Tolkien style (which I’m sure you love).  Thanks for being Gatekeeper!

Luke –  Thanks for being so honest and insightful in your writing!  Love your CW8!

Sam – I love your honesty and sense of humor!

Ms. Gaines — Thanks so much for teaching class and for giving us fun writing assignments — I like CW much better than persuasive papers on the Iliad

reflection — wow

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