CW12~ E-ssential (to ‘sane’ but not to ‘writing’)

Our task this wiik was thi worst by far!  We had to describe a party or a wedding without using the letter E!  I chose to do the latter, but it was very difficult!  I could not use ‘the’, ‘her’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘bride’, ‘dress,’ anything ending in ‘ed’, or even the word ‘wedding’!  250 words never seemed so long!  Niidlyss to say, I am so thankful for thi charactyr E!  

I would also like to acknowledge my extreme gratitude to for helping me to come up with alternative word choices for this trying assignment.  

I will put a disclaimer though that I don’t really like how this assignment turned out (I’m not huge on writing graphic romances), but I am quite ready to be done with it.  🙂

Violin music is dancing out of a snowy awning as I sprint across damp lawn, trying not grass stain my whitish flats.  ‘It’s a good thing my skirt isn’t long’, I think.  Ducking into this pavilion, I catch a whiff of flora.  I slip into a back row, hoping not to attract scrutiny.  Glancing around, I mark rows of Hannah and David’s family and social community.

wedding tent

On a prompt, music stops and all sound falls still.  Body upon body turns with anticipation as virtuosos launch a royal air.  Moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, walk up to front row chairs.  Four maids and a girl sprinkling bits of posy follow.  Finally, Canon in D starts up as Hannah soars in, a lacy gown with a long train brushing against grassy ground.

I grin inwardly, thinking of my own dash through that sward.

A spray of rosy blossoms and willow fronds spill from Hannah’s daintily clad arms.  A gauzy cloud highlights that radiant physiognomy, drops of joy and passion still trickling down.  Taking in his amorous look, Hannah joins David at a roughly built altar.

“Today, God has brought about…” As Dr. Smith starts to unfold matrimonial philosophy, I hark back to past days, growing up with Hannah and David.  “What a far cry from now that was!  But still so similar in a way…”  I think.

I drift back to now, and catch David saying firmly, “I do.”

“And do you, Hannah North…”

Now Hannah’s soft intonation:  “I do.”

“I pronoun—” Dr. Smith’s prodigious conclusion is cut short.  David is diving for Hannah.  Young and old laugh with joy at this avid first kiss.

wedding kiss


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