J12~ Weddings!

Our journal this week was to write about weddings — favorite memories, what we like about them, what we’d like our wedding to be like (awkward to write about), or whatever.  I had a little trouble deciding exactly what to write about, but in the end, I decided to reflect on several weddings I’ve been to, both memories and what I liked about them.  

I have been to several weddings in my life, each memorable in its own way.

The closest I have ever been to being in a wedding was when I was three.  My Dad’s older brother was getting married, and he and my soon-to-be aunt asked me (well, Mom and Dad, actually) to be their flower girl.  Mom knew that I was shy, though, and would never go up that aisle unless she was walking with me.  So instead, I stayed at the hotel room with my aunt (Mom’s sister) and baby brother.

An odd assortment of things stand out to me about Ian and Megan’s wedding.  I remember a church with a balcony – fascinating to me at the time.  I had a white, flowered dress which I was convinced was ‘lawn’ based on a description in a book.  The couple had paper fans as favors at their summer wedding, and several of these made their way home with us.

something like the fans we brought home. (You can see why I loved it! 🙂 )


Lori and Nathan got married in winter of 2006.  My dress had a purple puffy skirt with black velvet swirls and sparkles on it – great for dancing in the corner with my siblings at the reception

I’m the one with my hair flying out in the center. 🙂

.Ben and Hannah’s wedding was in June 2009.  His grandparents, former missionaries in Pakistan, stayed at our house; they were a sweet, funny old couple who enjoy singing together.  The most memorable part of Ben and Hannah’s ceremony was the foot washing (yes, they actually washed each other’s feet!).  Their reception included group dancing of some sort (I think it was similar to contra), and since it was the first time I had every really danced, I loved it!

me dancing in the corner (again) with my little sister 🙂

I think Stephen and Jessica’s wedding was about two years ago.  She had a dress with a very long train and sleeves like Belle’s that she kept having to pull up at her shoulders.  They took a very long time finishing up with their wedding pictures before coming down the hall of the church to the reception.  And by the time they finally did come, I think I was in the nursery keeping an eye on a sleeping little girl.

The most recent wedding I attended was Michael and Melissa’s in 2012.  He was a family friend from church, and his mother and sister stayed at our house.  We could not make it to the ceremony because we were seeing our cousins off at the airport, but we did come to the reception.  They had asked if we could help with some of the cleanup and bring out food trays, etc., so my brother, sister, and I did that.  We helped fill crock pots from giant vats of broccoli cheese soup (yum!), passed out wedding cake, washed lots of dishes, and ate in between.  It was actually one of the most fun things I have ever done at a wedding!

a drippy candle centerpiece from M&M’s casual summer wedding


Looking back, my favorite parts of weddings are probably the parts that require active participation – dancing and helping out.  🙂


The latter three of the four pictures are mine.  Please don’t steal!  🙂



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