It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas… A Poll and a Challenge


It’s that time of year when those really annoying Christmas songs come on the radio over and over and over (because they’re the ones that don’t mention Jesus) — and half of them are sung by the same voice!  Personally, I think some of them might not sound so bad if they were just remixed and sung by someone else…



Here’s a creative writing challenge for you — especially you poets out there:  Write a Christmas song that focuses on Christ (but isn’t as traditionally humdrum as Silent Night or We 3 Kings — not that those songs are that bad).  You can rewrite any of the popular ones (Santa Claus is coming to town >>> Jesus Christ is coming to earth) or come up with something completely different on your own.  Post your creation on your blog, link back to here in your post, and have fun!  🙂  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


22 thoughts on “It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas… A Poll and a Challenge

  1. Oooff, I’m sorry to say my least favorite Christmas song is actually a non-secular one….I really, really don’t like Go Tell It On The Mountain =.= I mean, I like the message, but I can’t take the music…*hides in shame*

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  2. I’m not a fan of “Oh Christmas Tree.” x) It just sort of seems like worshiping a….tree. xP I’m also pretty sure it’s the only song I’ve heard that’s written in praise and adoration of a tree. I mean, Christmas trees are nice and all, but…. =)
    Also, I personally think Go Tell it on the Mountain would be awesome if remixed into a jazzy type of a thing. All it needs is a little piano improvisation and an upright bass!

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