NaPoWriMo// week 1


So, technically, National Poetry Writing Month {NaPoWriMo} was last month, but my April was kind of crazy with work and finishing things up for the school year and determining college plans for the fall (and I’m so excited that those are determined finally!).  Consequently, I am writing a poem a day for each of the 31 days in May.  This week was my first go at writing a poem a day.  I wasn’t sure how exactly it would turn out.  There have been days when I ended up writing a short little verse because I ran out of time or brainspace.  For example,

//day five//

I have a poem that wants to be written,
A story that needs to be told,
But I have to get up at five in the morning,
And this day is already too old.  ):

I’m discovering that writing poetry, like anything else, doesn’t always turn out amazingly the first time around, and it takes practice, too.  So, my hope is by the end of the month to have turned something decent out…. 😉  But here are a few of the better ones from this week.

//day one//







//day four//

I’m sitting in a house
too early in the morning
too empty
too still.
children asleep,
parents gone —
and with them,
all the something
 —      that should be in a home

it hurts to sit here
in the midst of all the shell–
the toys and books
and movies and desk
and cats and fish tank
to see the swing set and double garage

–all the things that one ‘should’ have
  without the thing you desperately need.

we say our world is advanced
some sort of rosy, glittering achievement

they say we’ve evolved from beastly survival
to this thing.

we’ve put glitter on our mud.
what’s the difference?

i know you don’t want this.
i know you know it’s empty.

so why are you buying the mud?
why is a culture
with access to diamonds
so intent on grasping the dirt?

we call it freedom.
poor, distorted word.
this is survival.
and perhaps the bondage is greater
because it is of our own making,
spun of our own


//day six//

I actually wrote a couple poems this day, one of a more journal-y type, and another down a different vein of creativity.  I got inspired by Victoria to try book spine poetry, and immediately went and mulled over my bookshelf.  =)


a sparrow alone,
a daughter of Zion —
to have and to hold
a light kindled.
— alone, yet not alone.

//day seven//

what it look like
if a pen became what it could be?
if a pen translated a heart
into words
if eyes etched the words
on a heart
if the heart sent the passion
to the head
if the head poured the feeling
into even fingers and feet
if the fingers and feet fought
and danced and felt

what would it be like
if I became what I could be?
times tens of thousands the world over?


10 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo// week 1

  1. Victoria NightSky

    Day Four is absolutely amazingly fantastically stunning. O___O I love it immensely. ❤ Day Seven is very thought-provoking — love it. ❤ And your book spine poetry is wonderful as well. So happy you tried it out! =D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Day 4 is so good. I wish I had a better word to describe it, but there you go. I love the imagery and rhyme in Day 1. I completely agree that poetry requires practice and hard work. It’s certainly not the sitting blithely down at a desk and spilling out a work of art effortlessly that most people envision it to be. But I also agree that the more you do it, and the more consistent you are about it, the easier it gets.

    I’m so glad you’re sharing your poetry with us, and I’m glad you’ve got those college plans settled!

    Liked by 1 person

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