NaPoWriMo// week 2


Week 2!  I should have posted this yesterday, but I was out of the house for almost 11 hours with work and a birthday party….  I actually wrote a couple of rhyming ones this week, which I wasn’t planning — bonus!  Do you prefer rhyme or free verse?

//day 8//

a bud is something different–
beyond a leaf,
not a fruit,
not a flower–
just a tight
–         pale

of a heart
of a root
of a being.

a whisper of beauty
    knotted within.

Yet if there is something inside,
into glory.


//day 11//

sitting on the edge of my bed
as the morning rain falls,
about so many things,
feeling like I’m
sitting on the edge of my future
as the predictable comes to a close,
and I’m left to glimpse and greet from afar,
excited, thrilled,
but almost scared of hoping too much.
will it be what I’m wanting
              or more?
will the story unfold like I might hope?
what do I hope for something so distant?
so many doors swung open,
and I’m standing on the threshold
as the morning rain falls
what the day will bring.


//day 12//

Some days my mind is full
of stars and swirls and lights;
Some nights I lie awake
with castles and heather and sprites;
Sometimes my soul is dancing
with stories and heroes in ink;
And then my head will go blank
like a pen that ran out of think.

//day 13//

What is it about music
That dances through your ear
And makes your heart sing back
Because of what you hear?

What is it about the notes
Flowing through the scales —
Dripping, rushing, tumbling,
Like water in the vales?

How does one array of sound
Make moods and hearts to swell
At the delight of things unfolding
Beyond what words can tell?

For who can explain the feeling,
The surge inside one’s veins,
That makes a prince arise
And men forget their pains?

— A precious gift, a power,
A broadsword’s strength to wield
In that sweet-strong spell
On an invisible battlefield.



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