NaPoWriMo// week 3


Week 3 already!  I honestly wasn’t sure how writing poetry for a month would go — especially since the whole novel writing month thing never really pulled together for me.  xP  But I’ve really been enjoying this overall!

This week turned out a little choppier, I feel like, just because writing poems at 10:30 at night after a long day doesn’t really foster creativity and coherent thinking. 😦

Earlier this week, though, I had a little more time and got a little more reading done. During my gap year, I’ve been doing a ‘book club’ with Mommy where we read a book a month and discuss it together.  This month is The Book That Made Your World:  How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization by Vishal Mangalwadi.  It’s a thick book, but it’s actually one of the most fascinating non-fiction books I’ve ever read.  It explores the differences in mindset between Western and non-Western culture and why they produce such different results.  But specifically it looks at why they are so different and the astounding role the Bible played in making Western Civilization — its thinking, its writing, its art, its heroes, its ideas.  Like I said, it’s fascinating.  It makes you wonder and look at and appreciate the world and the God Who stepped into it so much more.  O.o

But all that to say, it inspired these first two poems.  🙂

//day 15//

How could I know night
–   unless there was a day?
How could I know blindness
  unless someone could see?
How could I know toil
–   unless I’d once known joy?
How could I know brokenness
–   unless I’d once been whole?
How could I know death
–   unless I’d been alive?
How could I know darkness
–   unless I’d felt the light?
How could I long for something
  that doesn’t exist?
— unless it does

also used here, but so perfect I had to…

//day 18//

Books hold something because of
a Book.
Words have meaning because of
the Word.

They say a pen is mightier than
a sabre.
But why?

Because there is truth
Because there is something
             to know,
             to communicate,
             to discover.

They say words are doors.
But when they are unknown,
–                                uncommunicated,
–                                undiscovered,
They are barricades,
–         separating freedom from ignorance.

But if there is truth, there
is something to know,
and words become jars
to carry torches.

If there is truth, there
is something to tell,
something to communicate,
and pens become fountains
of a wellspring.

If there is a truth, there
is something to discover,
a reason to search,
because those who seek
will find.

Take away the truth
and what?
Don’t look —
It only hurts to want
–   a story
when there is no Teller.
Words are nothing
 if there is nothing to tell.


//day 19//

Pouring out words
Over paper — just one more tribute that
Everything stems from
The mind of the Maker:
Rarest beauty in purest ecstasy.
You breathed them first,
–      and our attempts are just
–      sparks lit from Your


11 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo// week 3

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  3. Victoria NightSky

    I really love the first one. Normally the idea is “you don’t know the light if you haven’t seen darkness” or something like that, but I absolutely love how you turned that around. I also really love the other ones. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ditto Victoria about the first one, and I love this from 18: “Words are nothing / if there is nothing to tell.” But oh, day 19 is my favorite. Gah, I love it so much.

    Also, I really want to check out that book. Sounds totally like my thing. Thank you for mentioning it!

    Liked by 1 person

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