the world: Halaran

So, my readers, I’m sure at least some of you are wondering about the name Highlands of Halaran.  Here’s the story….

pronunciation:  Let’s start here.  Halaran is pronounced HAL-a-rahn — not ha-LARE-un.  🙂  Anyways.

origin:  Once upon a time, my sisters and I decided to create imaginary lands for us to be princesses of.  (;  Halaran was what I came up with.


history:  My last name is Kimzey, and my family ancestry on my father’s side is Scottish — likely descendants of the McKenzie clan.  This is the signifigance of the Highlands of Halaran.

more history:  Also, the castle you see for the header is Eilean Donan castle, a castle off the Western coast of Scotland.  Eilean Donan belonged to the McKenzie clan for a time until the MacDonalds took it.  This revenge is the tale behind my bonny highland castle.



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